The top-performing bank stock of 2020, Silvergate Capital has $5.6 billion in assets and is located in La Jolla, California, is most well-known for the Silvergate Exchange Network, a digital payments system that can immediately clear transactions in U.S. dollars 24/7, all year, among two users in the network. This is perfect for institutional crypto dealers and crypto trades because cryptocurrencies are constantly trading. It has incorporated 76 crypto exchanges and 600 institutional investors onto the network, and the bigger it gets the more desirable it becomes for other buyers to join.

Signature Bank has also leapt into the realm of cryptocurrency with its Signet digital payments structure. It allows commercial customers on the network to instantly send and clear payments to one another.

JPMorgan Chase introduced its own digital coin, the JPM coin, in order to perform global payments movement and has its own digital currency department called Onyx with more than 100 workers. Also, its Blockchain Center of Excellence, energetically researches blockchain and its prospective uses in order to create its own technology.